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LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are an excellent solution for your business lighting needs.

These lights can be used for both general purpose and security lighting applications. Your business will have greater energy savings, less hazardous disposal issues and a quick return on investment.

Value for Your Business

  • Reduction of operating costs. LEDs use even less energy than efficient CFL bulbs.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs. LEDs will last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, resulting in less replacement requirements.
  • LEDs provide a better quality of light.
  • Reduction of heat while operating. The heat produced by incandescent bulbs can be a factor when large quantities of lights are used. This also reduces concerns of heat damage in sensitive applications.

LEDs for Security Lighting

The light emitted from LEDS is very bright. You will have greater illumination for less cost. These bulbs are also highly suited for outdoor use. They have greater durability and operate well in cold weather. Because security lights normally operate for an extensive time, your business can quickly notice energy savings by switching to LEDs.

Making the switch to LEDs will also reduce some of the hazards associated with Halogen or CFL bulbs. Halogen bulbs burn extremely hot posing fire concerns if fixtures are not properly insulated. CFLs contain mercury that presents a concern if bulbs break. These bulbs must also be disposed of properly.

LEDs operate on a variety of voltages. Low-voltage applications are ideal for accent and step lighting. Dimmers and remote features can be used for additional lighting control. Many of your current fixtures can be retrofitted, if needed, to work with LED products. Advanced Connections Inc. provides fully trained technicians and project managers to work with you so your business obtains all of the benefits of switching to LED lighting systems.