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Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Advanced Connections Inc has been selected by hospitals and healthcare facilities to provide Structured Cable, Fiber, Access Control ,Security Control,Paging,CCTV,Voice, Data and Complete Network Solutions

ACI has been a primary cabling infrastructure partner with HCA for construction and ongoing MAC projects for several facilities in Texas for over 10 years. One major project was a technology refresh upgrade project at 20 plus sites consisting of installing new single mode backbone fiber along with new Cat 6 cables for a PACS system and Wireless AP’s. Over these 10 plus years ACI was awarded two new hospitals, five new MOB’s, RFID implementation, and many small to midsize renovations.

Reliant Hospital – Installed voice, data, CATV, Paging, Access Control & CCTV infrastructure at four new facilities in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin.

Health Point – When Health Point decided to locate its corporate headquarters to Fort Worth in the late 90’s ACI was selected as the Voice/Data Infrastructure contractor. Since the initial install, ACI has assisted Health Point with two other building expansions and numerous MAC projects.<?p>

Weatherford Regional – ACI has been a low voltage partner for over 5 years installing Voice/Data Infrastructure, Paging, CATV, and CCTV systems on several construction projects.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities work in an environment that has a number of challenges pertaining to the management of patient records and diagnostics. Data must be created, transmitted, documented, managed, and properly stored to help doctors make accurate medical diagnoses. The industry to transmit and store this information has grown exponentially. The regulations pertaining to patient information has also changed, requiring healthcare facilities to implement strict levels of data security. Older medical facilities often suffer from severe problems related to overheating cabling systems, and improper security measures to protect patient information. Advanced Connections Inc. can provide healthcare facilities in Texas with modern upgrades to manage the high levels of data security, and rapidly transmit information from the equipment to the doctor’s forms.

Correct installation of a cabling system in healthcare facilities must take several things into consideration. Hiring Advanced Connections Inc. is an important step to take when comparing various cable sizes and structured cabling systems. With the correct cabling, it will last upwards of 50 years or longer. One area to consider is the rapidly increasing standards for machinery. An MRI requires 39MB of bandwidth to correctly transmit the information in a timely manner. Since hospitals provide one of the most demanding cabling systems on the market, it is vital to select the appropriate cabling system based on the foreseeable future.

Recabling Investment – New standards for cabling in hospitals has drastically reduced problems with operation of the facility, along with the amount of cabling required to power machinery throughout the hospital. Recabling a hospital or medical facility can be an expensive investment based on the working environment. Since a hospital is a 24/7 working environment, it is impossible to completely shut down everything to remove the entire existing system and replace it at the same time. When Advanced Connections Inc. worked with John Hopkins to recable the hospital, they upgraded a hospital system that was over 50 years old in some areas. John Hopkins now has medical records storage for 21 years, connectivity to two offsite data centers, and high bandwidth applications.

Cabling in hospitals and medical facilities must have route diversity to create separate pathways from different rooms like the equipment room to the entrance facility. Several applications must be able to run through the bandwidth requirements including physician order entry systems, laboratory information, radiology information, picture archiving, and communication systems. Specific cables are segregated to allow for different networking requirements. Color coding systems make it easier for staff members to understand what the different ports include. This allows for correct set-up for x-ray machines, analog phones, Ethernet ports, and so forth.

Understanding Future CostsEvery healthcare facility must consider the costs beyond the initial setup and installation costs. There are testing costs that must be factored into the total budget for a complete hospital recabling job. Discuss the going operation costs, and costs for replacement cables. Since there is a major challenge to replace the cable in a healthcare environment that is always operating, the costs are often higher from healthcare facilities that close. In fact, the costs to recable a live hospital can be up to five times higher than the costs of cabling a new healthcare facility. When comparing the cabling options, compare the expected lifespan of each cable to the cost. The expected lifespan is something you must consider based on the amount of time it takes to recable the entire healthcare facility. If you plan to continue occupying the facility longer than the lifespan of the cable, there will be future costs to consider. A cable plant will need to have each hospital upgrade existing cable to modern standards. Lost revenue costs caused by the replacement of the cable system is another cost one must consider as you install the cabling system. When you work with Advanced Connections Inc., you will obtain multiple quotes pertaining to the recabling of your healthcare facility, a breakdown of the average costs will include the following:

  • Labor costs
  • Cable costs
  • Installation costs
  • Cable type costs
  • Hardware
  • Testing costs

The rapid growth of the digital healthcare system requires facilities to upgrade to remain competitive, and to provide patients with the highest level of quality healthcare. The growth of the networks and hosting applications places pressure on facilities to find ways to properly maintain their equipment and secure patient data. Since hospitals have such a diverse area to work with (patient rooms, operating rooms, etc.), it is vital to have the correct outlet system to transmit the data through a structured cabling system. Advanced Connections Inc. will provide you with the best-available cabling system and components needed to meet the needs of your healthcare facility now and in the future.

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