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Advanced Connections Inc Completes Midland Library Project: Centennial Branch Already a Hit

Advanced Connections Inc Completes Midland Library Project: Centennial Branch Already a Hit

On Saturday, April 13th, the Midland County Library System officially opened the impressive doors to its newest addition: the fully interactive, high-tech and engaging Centennial Library at the Imperial Shopping Center. An avid proponent of progressive, state-of-the-art developments such as those developed specifically for the library, Advanced Connections Inc. is proud to count ourselves as a part of the expansive team that made this venture possible.

The new library, or “imaginarium” according to County Judge Mike Bradford, is a user-centered, public-oriented masterpiece of revolutionary, next-gen technology. Through the flawless combination and cohesion of these advanced technologies, the Midland County Library was born, offering patrons an interactive discovery experience the likes of which have yet to be seen anywhere before in Midland or the surrounding areas. Even the card catalog, once an inconvenience and a hassle for both the library’s guests and staff, has been transformed through the power of touchscreen capability and high density wireless internet throughout the entire 33,0000 square foot building. Wi-Fi is available to everyone in the library for free use on the public computers provided as well as on mobile devices.

Thrilled and honored to have played such an integral role in the library’s development and opening, we at Advanced Connections Inc. are particularly pleased to know that the community as a whole has fully embraced the new addition to their county. Adults and children of all ages from miles around have flocked to the Midland County Library in droves since its opening day, all eager to discover for themselves how the progressive technology used to build it will transform their user experience. Kids especially love how simple and intuitive the various programs are and how much more fun it is to fully enjoy their local library in general. Parents love how the advanced digital interaction interface integrates the modern with the traditional library atmosphere, offering the best of both worlds in a time when their kids are more interested than ever in technology and the online world.

John Trischitti, Director of Libraries in the county of Midland, believes in and promotes the value of utilizing progressive technologies to advance in today’s fast-paced digital world. “Technologies continue to emerge and how you blend that in with daily life is so important,” Trischitti says. “Having the infrastructure established to be able to evolve as technology evolves is crucial.” Agreeing with the Director’s ideas concerning advanced technology and how it benefits our youth and community, Former First Lady of the United States Laura Bush was proud to cut the ribbon at the library’s opening ceremonies. Responsible for the installation of all data cabling, wireless access points, cameras and projector applications, Advanced Connections Inc. looks forward with great enthusiasm to watching the new library and the people of the Midland community continue to grow, learn and discover here together.