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Audio/Visual Solutions

Whether you need conference or classroom projection systems, video teleconferencing, or indoor/outdoor digital display, we can design a solution for you to improve productivity, increase visibility, or communicate more effectively with your audience.

State-of-the-art video communications can save your business time and improve productivity, and Advanced Connections partners with the top visual equipment manufacturers to design video systems perfectly suited to your needs.


Video Teleconferencing
Advanced Connections provides a state-of-the-art Video Teleconferencing system with a low cost of entry that is easily scalable as your needs grow. For any budget or application, we can deliver a system that meets your needs and budget.

Advanced Connections can put high-quality audio, video, and web conferencing in any location, with integrated cameras, microphones, and monitors to increase boardroom productivity. We provide systems from the top manufacturers and design your system to perform correctly in your environment.

Digital Display
Digital signage gives your organization the ability to transmit important information remotely, directly to your display. Whether you need multiple indoor displays to give critical information to personnel, or outdoor display to transmit rapidly changing offers or prices, Advanced Connections can provide a custom solution to fit your needs. Once installed, we can provide the training to make the operation of the system easy.

Projection Systems
From the classroom to boardroom, our projection systems make communication more efficient, whatever the application. Advanced Connections designs systems to fit your needs that integrate with your existing storage device and are easy to control and operate.